Picus Security Aimsto Bolster Companys Global Expansion with New Funding

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Summary: The Picus platform replicates real-world cyber attacks to assist businesses in enhancing their security policies and analyzing risk.

FREMONT, CA: "For too long, organizations have been forced to make assumptions about the state of their security posture,” says H. AlperMemis, Picus Security Co-founder, and CEO. “The Picus platform puts an end to this uncertainty by helping security teams to measure and improve the effectiveness of their security controls to prevent, detect and respond to threats. This latest funding will ensure that we continue to offer customers the most complete security control validation platform—one that not only continuously tests the latest tools but also helps to optimize them with less effort." A $24 million Series B fundraising round for Picus Security, the pioneer of Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) technology, has been completed. The investment is led by Turken, with participation from Earlybird Venture Capital and cyber security veteran Nathan Dornbrook participating. Picus's total capital now stands at $33 million, which will support the company's growth in North America, Europe, and Asia.

"The day-to-day workload of security teams can be overwhelming,” states CemSertoglu, Partner at Earlybird Digital East. “Picus helps to ease the strain and ensure that security tools are ready to defend organizations against the latest threats as they emerge. We are delighted to support the vision of the Picus team and help them to establish the company as the category leader in the emerging Breach and Attack Simulation market.”

“Picus is the pioneer of breach and attack simulation, and we are excited to support the company as it takes continuous security control validation to the next level,” says SeymurTari, Turkven CEO. “All corporate boards have to manage the business and reputational risks of cybersecurity breaches. With the Picus platform, they can obtain real-time insights to more clearly assess their security posture, better understand the value of investments, and make more informed decisions.”

With the Picus Complete Security Control Validation Platform, businesses can evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their security controls by simulating real-world cyber threats like ransomware and APT groups. More than 11,000 assaults and 70,000 mitigations are available on the platform, updated every day to reflect the most recent adversary tactics and methodologies.

 In response to a shift in security strategy from reactive to proactive, Picus Security has come up with the Purple Academy. Students of all levels can benefit from free online training in the newest cyber-attack and defense strategies offered by Purple Academy. More than 4,500 students from 160 countries have completed courses to date.