Panasonic Launches the i-PRO Multi-AI System

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 22, 2021

Panasonic has introduced the i-PRO Multi-AI System, which will allow users to fully utilize the abilities of Panasonic's new AI cameras and applications.

FREMONT, CA: Panasonic has launched the i-PRO Multi-AI System, which will allow users to fully utilize the capabilities of Panasonic's new AI cameras and applications by smoothly integrating them into current CCTV systems. The free plug-in software will enable customers to handle AI analytics from several i-PRO cameras in conjunction with their Video Management System. It delivers an AI-powered security solution that is faster, more efficient, and more precise without impacting picture quality or network speed.

The i-PRO Multi-AI System, which was unveiled recently at a joint Panasonic and Genetec LinkedIn Live online event, is already fully integrated with the current model of Genetec Security Center (V5.10.1) and the in-house VMS Video Insight. It establishes a new AI-driven security ecosystem combined with the latest i-PRO S and X Series of AI-enabled cameras and its free-to-use AI security software.

The system uses i-PRO AI-capable cameras with edge analytics and server and client-side plug-ins for the Video Management System (VMS). The i-PRO Multi-AI System uses deep learning from the AI camera to record and filter the Best Shot images and metadata, allowing highly accurate analysis. To improve the abilities of the CCTV infrastructure, robust data may be utilized for AI-based identification and alarms, watch-list monitoring, and time-saving post-event searches.

Complemented by free-to-use AI apps

The Multi-AI System can be utilized on the existing -iPRO's in-house AI programs, such as AI-VMD and AI Privacy Guard, and the three new AI apps, AI Face, AI People, and AI Vehicle Detection. All of these features allow for rapid and easy metadata-based footage searches. These applications are ideal for surveillance and public safety in cities.

AI Face Detection allows for highly accurate face recognition. The software works in low-light surroundings, areas with backlight, and faces covered by masks, which is very important in the present pandemic.

"The introduction of i-PRO Multi-AI System, alongside our AI capable cameras and applications has created a powerful new AI-driven security ecosystem that allows businesses to take their CCTV infrastructure to the next level," said Gerard Figols, Head of Security Solutions at Panasonic Business Europe. "And because these systems are already compatible for use with market-leading 3rd party VMS providers like Genetec, it is cost efficient and simple to move to the AI-fication of the security market."

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