Palo Alto Networks Unveiled IT Security Capabilities Including Next-Gen Firewall and DNS Security Service

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 22, 2019

Palo Alto Networks—a cybersecurity firm—has added numerous new IT security capabilities for predicting malicious onslaughts and utilizing automation to thwart them. The company has introduced more than 60 new features and tools which are accessible for customers using next-generation firewalls, once they upgrade to PAN OS version 9.0 so to easily implement best security practices.

Palo Alto Networks is focused on simplifying security using analytics and automation based on which they included new DNS security service that utilizes machine learning to cease stealthy attacks targeted to steal information from legitimate businesses. Amid the myriad of capabilities, Palo Alto Networks also uncovered hardware and software enhancements to bolster organization security and simplify hybrid cloud environment protection. The new enhancements include the following.

•  According to Palo Alto, most cyber onslaughts are carried through DNS to establish command-and-control, making it tough to detect and prohibit attacks. Newly introduced DNS security service operates on machine learning for proactively blocking malicious domains and stop attacks in progress.

•  PA-7000 series, a new network processing cards address threat prevention twice the speed of proximate competitor and decrypts data three times faster. The series primarily caters to customers with large data centers struggling with huge volumes of encrypted traffic and IoT devices and need performance without compromising security.

•  VM-Series of the capabilities provides the widest range of public cloud and virtualized data centers environments by adding multiple renowned cloud platforms to deliver consistent security. Palo improved firewall throughput performance up to 2.5x, combined with autoscaling and transitive architecture allowing buyers to automate security for large scale and dynamic cloud platforms.

•  Additionally, the company notified about the general availability of K2-series which is the industry’s first 5G ready next-gen firewall, specifically designed to cater service providers with 5G and IoT requirements.

Moving on to price and availability, PAN OS version 9.0 will be made available to all existing Palo Alto customers withholding valid support contracts. Whereas, PA-7000 can be availed by placing orders with a price starting worth $180,000. Similarly, for the DNS security service order are required to be placed, priced per next-generation firewall hardware or virtual appliance.      

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