Ostendio MyVCM and Drummond Build a New Partnership

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, October 16, 2020

The partnership of Ostendio and Drummond extends MyVCM Auditor Connect.

FREMONT, CA: One of the leading providers of integrated risk management software, Ostendio Inc., and a trusted leader in the industry of comprehensive compliance and cybersecurity risk assessments, Drummond Group LLC, have together joined via MyVCM Auditor Connect’s partner program. With this partnership, the users of Drummond can now gain access to Ostendio MyVCM and unleash the benefits that pertain to security and compliance certifications, namely SOC2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

MyVCM Auditor Connect refurbishes the process of auditing, rendering spreadsheets, sharing the third party sharing of the files, storing and storage devices, and more. In addition, it also opens an opportunity that enables an avenue to connect both the auditor and the customer by bringing them under a single roof. By staying connected, both entities can exchange and share realistic and instantaneous evidence in a secure location.

With Ostendio MyVCM, the users can gain access to data and pieces of evidence all round the clock and also find easy ways to update the documents and create an optimized channel for collaboration as well. Ostendio MyVCM also helps the customers to evaluate the progress of the audit in real-time. In this way, both auditors and customers can save a lot of money and also unleash a higher level of efficiency.

Ostendio MyVCM offers an integrated risk management platform, which empowers the users with easier ways to build and operate their security programs. This company helps any enterprise that is looking to gain compliance with its solutions with security standards both internally and externally. Along with helping the companies identify and quantify enterprise risk, Ostendio MyVCM also offers its users with an end-to-end solution that holds the requirements and processes together.

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