Nuvolo and Armis to Deliver Enhanced Security Capabilities for Vulnerable OT

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 26, 2021

Summary: The collaboration combines Nuvolo's lifecycle management, appropriate device context, and risk profiles technologies with Armis' device monitoring, behavioral risk assessments and automatically responds to abnormalities capabilities to enable enterprises to respond to risks quickly and efficiently.

FREMONT, CA:  Data interoperability refers to the ability of systems and services that create, exchange, and consume data to have consistent, shared expectations about the data's contents, context, and meaning. Nuvolo, the fastest growing provider of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), and Armis, the leading provider of unified asset visibility and security platforms, has entered strategic agreement to help asset-intensive businesses enhance their entire risk posture. Improved data interoperability between Nuvolo's OT Security and Maintenance solutions and the Armis platform, as well as bi-directional data enrichment, protects susceptible Operational Technology (OT) from cyber-attacks and increases overall network security. The partnership between Nuvolo and Armis features data interoperability related to device discovery, risk analysis and work order automation, and behavioral data.

The Armis platform assists in securing operations by performing device detection, monitoring, behavioral risk assessments, and responding automatically to abnormalities that put devices at risk. Nuvolo manages the whole lifespan of enterprise and clinical devices, including device context and risk profiles. Together, this alliance ensures that enterprises can rapidly respond to targeted threats by leveraging their investments in security solutions.

“I’m excited to commence this important strategic partnership with Armis,” comments Tom Stanford, CEO, Nuvolo. “The asset intensive industries we serve face a growing and pervasive OT cyber security threat. Nuvolo’s innovative OT security orchestration and automated response (OT SOAR) platform combined with Armis Agentless Device Security gives our clients an end-to-end OT security lifecycle solution. This partnership allows our customers to address OT security in the same comprehensive way they manage their IT security risk.”


“The increased interoperability will further enrich Nuvolo Connected Workplace by leveraging the Armis platform to perform continuous asset discovery, device vulnerability identification, and threat intelligence contextualization for all devices with the ability to connect to the network. This enhancement will greatly help customers drive costs down by improving operational efficiencies regarding asset life cycle management across all industries,” adds Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer, Armis.

Vulnerabilities in OT extend beyond the device's inherent security vulnerability. The impact of a compromised device can jeopardize business continuity. Organizations must have complete visibility into all devices on and off their networks to analyze behavior and identify risks to assist in the remediation of systems affected by security events and vulnerabilities.

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