NNT Announces New Feature to Secure Operational Technology Systems

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, March 18, 2021

NNT's Change Tracker Gen7 R2 released a suite of features to help organizations remove identified vulnerabilities and maintain a stable state of operations within ICS and cyber-physical networks. All changes are verified to address these issues.

FREMONT, CA: New Net Technologies (NNT), a pioneer in cybersecurity and enforcement applications, announced a new feature set for Change Tracker Gen7 R2, their flagship app, to help protect all types of Operational Technology (OT), such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Cyber-Physical Solutions, and intelligent IoT devices.

"Nation-state attacks and breaches against critical infrastructure are, unfortunately, the new normal," said Dirk Schrader, Global Vice President of Security Research, NNT. "The constant security of Operational Technology systems has a real-world effect on people's everyday lives, and with that, there is a non-negotiable responsibility to ensure these systems are secure. Look at the recent breach of Oldsmar, Florida's water supply being compromised or the cyber campaign against India's power sector. Though unsuccessful, the potential outcome could have been deadly. Real-time change analysis is quite simply the only way to protect these systems, which are widely varied in profile and function, making them difficult to patch."

Individual OT systems are typically designed to perform a particular set of tasks, such as regulating HVAC in a biomedical testing lab or controlling an industrial production system's operational function. In conjunction with information technology, these systems keep automotive factories, power plants, and pharmaceutical production lines running. Vulnerabilities and unauthorized modifications are the two main threat vectors for OT systems at a high level. Organizations can be assured of their ability to keep these vital systems safe by ensuring that they are in a recognized, secure, and compliant state at all times.

 Exploitable exposures, such as unexpected, 'bad' changes, are detected in real-time, and vulnerabilities are fixed. This update ensures the safe configuration and operation of Industrial Control Systems by forensically analyzing all activity and highlighting any unwanted or potentially harmful actions that may indicate a violation or compromise. The NERC CIP 010 method of developing, testing, and upgrading a baseline configuration for software and network-accessible ports has been implemented into a completely new user experience (UX). This would be particularly useful for someone who wants to demonstrate the security of their infrastructure to a NERC CIP or IEC 62443 auditor.

Customers of NNT are no longer stuck in protection silos for IT and OT and can now monitor vulnerabilities and improvements inside their integrated digitalized business operations. The platform presents changes in a single, comprehensive view, along with vital details about the change's legitimacy, allowing for organizational peace of mind and consistent enforcement due to stable operations rather than as a separate task. The ease of use, low implementation costs, and infinite scalability of NNT are huge benefits in this industry, and their ability to differentiate noise from critical events is unrivaled.