Netskope Makes Secure Access to Private Enterprise Applications Possible

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 04, 2019

The establishment of Netskope for Private Access provides a robust cloud-based security infrastructure for all organizations’ internet traffic.

FREMONT, CA: Netskope, a cloud security provider, has introduced Netskope for Private Access, a new service to access private enterprise applications in both  public cloud as well as data centers in a secured manner. It diminishes the risk factor by providing zero-trust application access instead of network access. Netskope for Private Access is a vital segment of the Netskope platform, which empowers access to IaaS, SaaS, web, and private applications, and information in hybrid IT conditions while eliminating risk and simplifying security operations (SecOps).

Netskope focuses on providing a unified security platform for all enterprise internet traffic. As businesses continue to approach and undergo transformation initiatives, they need to take advantage of multi- and hybrid cloud services reducing their attack surface area and managing risk factors. Netskope for Private Access offers policy management, integration with existing security information and event management (SIEM) and identity and access management (IAM) solutions, and supports any application, any protocol, and any device to improve business productivity.

As enterprises are shifting to the cloud and adopting a hybrid IT approach, the demand for new solutions that allow users to connect irrespective of the time and place is also growing. Today's contemporary approach to remote access should be designed for multiple knowledge centers, each physical and virtual, and Netskope for Private Access will simply that.

Key features of Netskope for Private Access includes:

Zero-Trust Access to Corporate Applications: Protection of data and resources based on user identity, group, membership, and device security.

Access to Applications in Multiple Devices: Access private applications in the cloud and data center without any delay of traffic within the corporate network.

Authorization before Connecting: Authentication and authorization of users and devices in the Netskope Cloud is must before connecting them to IT services.

Protection of Internal Resources: Block the incoming threats and protection of data from future threats.

Support Any Application, Any Protocol and Any Device: Transparent and secure access to resources with browsers, apps, or native clients on any device irrespective of the model.

Transparent and Seamless User Experience: Using a unified, light-weight client, provides users simultaneous, secure access to private enterprise applications in public clouds, in SaaS environments, and via the Web.

No Network or Hardware Changes: Simplify IT operations using a scalable, cloud-based platform that integrates with existing networks.

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