Nehemia Security Announces Risk Quantifier 3.0

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Nehemiah Security, a provider of automated cyber risk quantification has announced the availability of the Risk Quantifier 3.0.

FREMONT, CA: Nehemiah Security has been providing a SaaS solution, Risk Quantifier (RQ). This RQ is capable of continuously measuring financial loss due to cyber risks to empower business leaders to arrive at highly informed business decisions. RQ is capable of automating cyber risk quantification within hours and not within months. Nehemiah has recently released the upgraded Risk Quantifier 3.0.

Risk Quantifier 3.0 is a robust SaaS solution that can constantly measure and analyze the financial losses due to cyber risks thereby, enabling business ventures to facilitate highly informed governance, operational decisions, and investment strategies.

This recent edition comprises of advanced features that can assist enterprises to identify cyber risks and quantify to what extent the financial loss has taken place in real-time. The RQ 3.0 delivers more visibility into the attacks and their subsequent influence on the business. 

RQ 3.0 further automates cyber risk management through the application of financial and risk models. These models rely upon the current market trends and in turn layering this into already established cyber risk frameworks including, MITRE ATT & CK and NIST to analyze results over time.

RQ 3.0 New Features and Benefits

• An interactive chart that enables companies to quickly visualize financial loss exposure by actor, attack type, motivation, and target, delivering greater information about attacks and losses.

• An aggregated view of material risks in financial terms that provides enhanced contextual information flow for better insights and details to guide immediate actions.

• Improved possibility models integrating many facets of a corporate estate, by extending greater capabilities to envisage and regulate the enterprise’s models.

• Industry standard insights into financial risk with respect to the Annualized Loss Expectancy and Single Loss Expectancy, in addition to the innovative, high-end views on the Annualized Rate of Occurrence based on an enterprise’s technical environment.

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