Multi Factor Authentication, a Leap Forward for Call Centers

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 19, 2022

FREMONT, CA: Company contact centers are the drivers in delivering the best customer experience. Contact centers are calling upon new technologies to embrace personalized, quick, accurate, and safe service. For instance, contact center decision makers are replacing knowledge-based authentication with new technologies for multi-factor authentication because call centers are top vectors of cyber attacks. Novel and innovative approaches are required for call centers to combat the increasing sophistication of fraudsters, and the growing amount of fraudulent activity and identity theft, ever-tighter industry regulations and the need to provide customers with excellent service. Advanced authentication technologies can help with these requirements and increase customer experience, security, and interoperability.

Multi-factor authentication is finding its residence in customer contact center applications because it is more than verifying customers using passwords or security questions; it adds passwords, biometrics, and combinations of all. It is being adopted for internal call center agents who have access to sensitive information with each call. These next-generation techniques including biometrics, risk-based authentication, and near-field communication (NFC),  calling agents can quickly gain access of customer records and move through screens in a way that provides a better level of service and security.Multi Factor Authentication

Voice prints are another relevant measure for IVR (interactive voice response), mobile and other voice channels. Voice prints are highly secure, accurate and convenient like other biometrics and are eliminating the need for customers to answer authentication questions, enter a PIN or take any other action. As it works in the background, customers experience quick, seamless routing to the correct service. It needs only seconds of speech to authenticate a customer’s unique identity.

Contact centers are a significant factor to boost customer experience. With multi-factor authentication including biometrics, enterprises can take security to the next level simultaneously by optimizing customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency, and improving workflows.

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