MemSQL Helios - the World's First Single Store, System of Record Cloud Database

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 10, 2020

MemSQL has expanded its data platform with on-demand, elastic cloud service, and new characteristics to assist Tier 1 workload.

FREMONT, CA: MemSQL has recently declared the launch of MemSQL Helios, an on-demand, elastic cloud service along with MemSQL 7.0 Beta, the most dynamic version of the company’s SQL database. Helios is entirely manageable and makes the operational database of the company available in public cloud environments. The version 7.0 of MemSQL will be launched along with a new SingleStore and system of record capabilities which intends to make MemSQL a trusted solution for Tier 1 workloads.

MemSQL is the no-limits database, for modern applications and analytical systems, with a cloud-native, query performance at the supreme concurrency, and colossally scalable architecture for utmost ingest.  

MemSQL holds the potential of ingesting and transforming millions of events every day, simultaneously evaluating billions of rows by using standard SQL. It can be operated on-premise, in the cloud via Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Series, or as a service comprising drop-in compatibility with current middleware, integration, and BI software. The tool offers real-time data streaming capabilities as well as more productive query isolation for huge volumes of data and numerous users.

SingleStore possesses a unique capability as it helps in reducing the time taken to choose between a columnstore or rowstore for workloads. The record add-ons system comprises of two key durability characteristics. The first one includes the capability to keep backing up recently changed data on a regular basis. The second one involves the ability to recreate a synchronized copy of the data with no performance hit.

The extraordinary speed, scale, and capability of MenSQL have saved the companies from the stress of installing, maintaining, or configuring the software. Its functionality like one-click deployment and easy management has enabled the companies to make faster decisions based on the data insights as compared to earlier infrastructure and tools. Besides, the automated provisioning configuration and elastic scaling offer best analytics engine in the healthcare domain.

MemSQL Helios is available in the private review. Moreover, the Beta of MemSQL 7.0 will be in-market later in 2019.

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