March Networks Certified as a Cybersecure Business for Second Consecutive Year

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

As a global provider of IP video software and systems, March Networks work with certified partners and customers worldwide to transform video into usable business intelligence. It provides companies with tools they need to improve security, mitigate risk, and reduce losses from theft and fraud. In the recent development, March Networks has been designated as a cybersecure business by Cyber Essentials Canada for a second consecutive year. It was the first company to achieve this certification in 2018, and the first to re certify through the program this year.

Cyber Essentials certification is developed as a part of UK’s National Cyber Security Program and is awarded to companies that can demonstrate good cybersecurity practices and mitigate risks from Internet-based threats in areas such as boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, network configuration, software management, access control, and malware protection.

March Networks offers its expertise with many organizations including some of the world’s largest banks with strong corporate security practices being its top priority. Its participation in the Cyber Essentials program allows it to confirm that it is adhering to the most current security best practices. This participation guarantees that March Networks provides its customers with yet another assurance of high cybersecurity standards.

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March Networks’ approach to security involves a 360° view of all areas of its business including product development, source code management, operational processes, and customer data privacy. The company’s Network Operations Center operates with excellent physical access and networking controls and restrictions to ensure the security of customer data. It also takes part in comprehensive security audits initiated by large enterprise customers seeking to confirm the safety of their video solution provider.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada March Networks has regional offices worldwide, and its heritage in networked video coupled with a strong focus on quality and reliability maintains its position as an industry leader in the video surveillance market.

The installation of high-definition cameras has already paved a path for the deployment of intelligent IP video solutions. As the intelligent IP video solutions continue to grow in application due to decreasing reliance on human interventions, the industry of these solutions will expand in terms of revenue in the upcoming years.

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