Machine-level Cognition ripes to become the Next Digital Frontier

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, June 21, 2019

While the industries suffer malicious and suspicious domain adversities, AI and ML are focusing on introducing practical solutions and compelling business experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is taking center stage focusing on the practical applications, after years of hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). An (ISC)² report released during the conference says there are 2.93 million cybersecurity positions open and unfilled around the world. AI and automation solutions are seen as a remedy to cyber skills ailment by many. This solution will be one of the practical uses of AI. A report shows that security problems continue to grow and also has become more expensive.  

The challenge of detecting traffic to malicious domains in security is a place where AI should be applied. Combining an extensive list of domains for anything unusual sticking out helps analysts in detecting suspicious domains visually. It is still a manual process to uncover malicious and suspicious domains, even if analysts improve with time and more in-depth familiarity. The proliferation of URL shorteners and alternate TLDs has made finding the newer tech attacks task exponentially more challenging and almost impossible. Potential attackers continuously find new ways to hide their malicious domains, making it more difficult to spot. With increased malicious activities taking place, manual security teams are dependent on

identification of legitimate domains to detect malicious domains

Domain problem is expected to be resolved organically when technology enhances. There are many solutions that say that AI and ML are deployed to address better significant industry issues. AI can help in high-volume repetitive tasks, complex calculations that involve many sources and considerations. AI also helps analysis with respect to factors such as privacy or security. For startup and businesspeople, these guidelines can help guide technology development and deployments moving forward.

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