LogPoint's Only SIEM Receives the EAL 3+ Certification Award

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, April 06, 2021

LogPoint announced that their SIEM received a trusted Standard Criteria EAL 3+ re-certification, ensuring the LogPoint software quality.

FREMONT, CA : LogPoint, a global cybersecurity innovator, recently announced that their SIEM received a trusted Standard Criteria EAL 3+ re-certification, guaranteeing the quality of LogPoint software.

"Our EAL 3+ certification is representative of LogPoints commitment to innovation and efficiency in providing mission-critical safeguards for information. We deliver software certified for use by organizations that are critical to national security, the infrastructure of our societies and our collective personal privacy," says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

Organizations operating in critical infrastructure sectors like oil, healthcare, finance, defence, intelligence, and law enforcement, need the EAL 3+ certification. It permits LogPoint SIEM to be installed at the center of vital digital infrastructures and process classified data.

"Accelerated global digitization requires cybersecurity as part of the foundation of both safety and success for government agencies and industry. It requires the real-time situational awareness and analysis of cyber-threats that advanced SIEM with UEBA provides. Now future LogPoint customers and partners have trusted, internationally standardized assurance that our software meets the highest standards, and is authorized to process critical and classified data," says Jesper Zerlang.

LogPoint's cutting-edge technology speeds up cybersecurity detection and response, allowing businesses the ability to collaborate while still providing the information they need to adapt. To efficiently detect and avoid breaches, the groundbreaking Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software gathers security information from all over the network and from any source and structurally incorporates User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) machine learning.

Formally standardized as ISO/IEC 15408, Common Criteria is a globally recognized standard for assessing IT products and systems' security claims. The certification ensures that the specification, implementation, and assessment phases of production were carried out in a systematic, standardized, and repeatable manner.

CSEC, the Swedish Certification Body for IT Security, has certified the LogPoint SIEM to Common Criteria EAL level 3+. In 2015, LogPoint earned its first EAL certification due to its partnership with Boeing Defence, Space & Security.

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