LogPoint Announces Completion of SIEM Deployment at Captivate

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 24, 2020

Integrating SIEM solutions into a complex infrastructure will very quickly provide tangible value for cybersecurity operations and compliance teams.

FREMONT, CA: LogPoint announces the completion of a nationwide deployment of its SIEM solution at Captivate in less than half a year. The roll-out was completed earlier this year, and now LogPoint monitors hundreds of devices in the Captivate network, and soon the installation will be expanded to include 12,000 elevator and lobby media screens.

The LogPoint SIEM solution enables Captivate to detect cyber threats anywhere in the network. The platform offers a comprehensive and centralized view of the state of cybersecurity and provides advanced analytics and threat hunting capabilities to the Captivate cybersecurity team.

Implementing the LogPoint SIEM solution was a key element in Captivate's strategy to offer the most efficient and secure digital video network in North America. The installation completed in record time with immediate results. In less than three months, the company implemented state of the art cybersecurity monitoring and compliance reporting in its internal network, which includes infrastructure, applications, and operations monitoring, and has decided to expand the scope to include all office buildings the company manages, including elevator and lobby screens.

Across Captivate locations and 1,600 Class A office towers all over North America, LogPoint is providing real-time cybersecurity and support for compliance and IT operations.

LogPoint is committed to developing the best SIEM in the world. The company enables organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence, which can support in cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics. LogPoints Modern SIEM with UEBA provides advanced analytics and AI-driven automation capabilities that enable its customers to securely build-, manage, and transform their businesses.

Known for its vast network of nearly 12,000 elevator displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across North America, Captivate provides advertisers with a highly desirable and difficult-to-reach audience of affluent and influential business professionals.

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