LogPoint Acquires agileSI from Orange Cyberdefense

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, August 13, 2020

LogPoint has signed an agreement with Orange Cyberdefense so that they can acquire agileSI, the prominent SAP security solution.

FREMONT, CA: LogPoint is a modern SIEM and UEBA company and has recently come to an agreement with Orange Cyberdefense Germany, part of the Orange Group,to acquire agileSI, apopular SAP security solution. This acquisition will strengthen LogPoint’s position as the foremost provider of application security, which also involves security for SAP ERP systems.

Orange Cyberdefense Germany has also signed a collaboration agreement with LogPoint to maintain agileSI’s security technologies (SIEM, UEBA, and SAP) in its complete cybersecurity portfolio. Such divestment will help Orange Cyberdefense to emphasize on offering controlled cybersecurity services in partnership with key industrial technology companies.

“SAP is one of the key highways of the global economy, given the enormous value of transactions moving through SAP. Bridging the gap between SAP and SIEM and keeping SAP infrastructures safe from cyber threats is a key mission for LogPoint, and the acquisition of agileSI is a significant step on this journey,” says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

agileSI will create a bridge between SAP and SIEM,which will help eliminate the security blindspot in SAP by facilitating the full incorporation of security data from the SAP ERP platform into SIEM solutions. It will release the sophisticated analytics SIEM capabilities, allowing connection with other security data and full implementation into the cybersecurity environment.

“Divesting agileSI is a logical consequence of our strategy to focus on the development of our cybersecurity services portfolio, rather than a single technology, and instead forge partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors,” says Johan Andersson, EVP of Orange Cyberdefense. “The agileSI technology will remain in our stack and we will enter into a partnership with LogPoint that will provide future SIEM, UEBA and SAP-to-SIEM technology.”

The presence of the LogPoint family will provide the necessary development resources to agileSI and offer access to market-leading support and customer success services. The agileSI solution will continue to be the SIEM platform-agnostic and offer assimilation with every prominent SIEM provider, which consists of LogPoint, Splunk, IBM Qradar, ArcSight, and others.

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