Logically and Microsoft Partners to Digitize the Workplaces with IT

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 19, 2019

The partnership will enable them to extend their influence over small and mid-markets utilizing cloud platforms.

FREMONT, CA: Logically and Microsoft associates to bring the best practices to the workplace by focusing on leveraging the IT field. Chris Claudio, CEO of the managed service provider, Logically and Robert Gates, Microsoft’s Partner Technology Architect were the main hosts at the session in a conference held at Microsoft’s Technology Center in Burlington, MA.

Logically, a Microsoft Gold partner is dedicated to helping their clients with collaboration, cloud adoption, and digital transformation. As said by Claudio, the world has changed; the global workforce is connected and the Cloud is the undisputed IT standard.

From a workspace view, both small and midsized businesses that need to expand their IT services are facing a burgeoning of devices. Employees are expected to have the same or even better online platform on their phones versus traditional desktops. They also tend to connect with document sharing and management, in turn, expanding the teamwork throughout an organization.

With the entry of Microsoft 365, a merged platform providing tight integration with other Microsoft Office services such as Exchange, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Cortana, etc., the complications were resolved.

During the session, Gates put forward some profitable advice that would help the teams to enhance the performance. He shared ideas such as document sharing and collaboration, where the documents can be shared and edited by multiple team leaders at the same time; building conversation platform with one to one and one to many; live event, allowing the broadcast style of conference reach up to 10,000 participants; security and shifts.

“We can take an organization from planning to their ideal vision - what we call ‘Utopia’ - by looking at all the risks, migration issues, IT security, scalability, cost, and supportability that will be required to take your organization where it wants to go. We even have a cloud readiness assessment that will ascertain what it will take to get your company into the Cloud with Microsoft 365 Teams as a component,” said Claudio.

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