Leading BAS Vendors Providing High-end Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Endpoint SecurityThe number of cyber crimes has been increasing day to day. As the possibility of being hacked is high, many B2B companies have focused on additional security solutions to protect their company from cyberattacks. Breach and attack simulation (BAS) is the IT security technology that spots out the vulnerability of an organization automatically. The BAS provides the best solutions for cybercrime that extends security staff time and mitigates cyber risk.

BAS vendors in the market utilize the new technologies in the cyberspace. Most of the BAS vendors step ahead as a start-up and leverage the security of their clients. Based on Gartner and CyberDB research, there are top BAS vendors that provide innovative solutions for the enterprises for improved security.

AttackIQ, headquartered in San Diego, protects the enterprise by putting “offensive defense” phenomenon on its FireDrill platform. It needs minimal setup time and implementation of few resources. The enterprise can have a look at their security level through the dashboard available on the platform. Cronus Cyber Technologies gives protection by means of a product called Cybot. The product is a combination of vulnerability management and penetration testing solution.

CyCognito, headquartered at Silicon Valley, is the youngest among the BAS vendors, which uses SaaS solution in order to identify the least resistance path that attracts the hackers. Cymulate is a cloud-based BAS vendor that takes only two minutes to provide insights into the problem. The capabilities of Cymulate include phishing, data exfiltration, web application, endpoint, and email security.

Picus Security is a pioneer of breach and attack simulation technologies, which includes email testing, endpoint, and continuous HTTP/HTTPS. SafeBreach is the award-winning BAS vendor that detects infiltration, data exfiltration, and lateral movement. Threatcare makes BAS easier and deploys a standalone app to check multiple networks simultaneously. Verodin helps organizations to have best cybersecurity effectiveness, by testing the defense mechanisms in endpoints, emails, and the cloud. IronSDN WhiteHaX allows IT security team to conduct automated internal verification of their own security infrastructures. XM Cyber’s product is HaXM that simulates, validates and remediates the paths of the hackers.

Among the plethora of BAS vendors, few organizations have open source software with limited breach and attack simulation capabilities. For example, Uber with Metta adversarial software is an example of open source BAS options.

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