Latest Breach and Attack Simulation Products to Proactively Mitigate Cyber Threats

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Breach and attack simulation technologies are addressing many enterprise use cases, including determining the effectiveness of security controls and identifying assets at risk of attack and more.

FREMONT, CA: One of the industry-leading Breach and Attack Simulation platform, SafeBreach announces the availability of SafeBreach GRID- Global Risk Director. The innovation helps security teams prioritize and manage security gaps revealed by breach simulation. SafeBreach GRID is the only breach and simulation application that uses correlative analytics to identify security gaps and link them to their potential business impact.  

The latest platform also provides the data required for mitigation by correlating data from many complexes, multi-stage simulations that run continuously to produce a posture impact score for each security gap found. Besides GRID ranks exploitable security gaps by potential business impact in a single recommendation matrix that aids security teams prioritize which voids to address, and offers recommendations to enhance security configurations.

Cybersecurity and risk management are among the top investment priorities for enterprises today. As companies equip themselves with new technologies to improve employee performance, smooth operations, and boost productivity, concern over security breaches and attacks are also growing higher. Even when prioritizing security among the most critical needs and organizations being aware of the gaps in their security posture, many of them do not know where to start. Breach and Attack Simulation products can find security configurations that are incomplete or wrong. SafeBreach's solutions increase the efficiency of security teams by identifying and addressing the most impactful risks based on analysis of assets, threat landscape, and misconfigurations in the network, systems, and endpoints. The company gives actionable guidance enterprises need to update their configuration and secure their environment.

SafeBreach's mission is to innovate the way enterprises manages security risks. The company help answer the questions security leaders are being asked. Its groundbreaking security platform provides a hacker's view of enterprise security to proactively predict attacks, validate security controls, and improve security operations.

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