Koverse Confirms Availability of Zero Trust Data Platform, KDP 4.0

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, July 14, 2022

The attribute-based access controls of Koverse's zero trust data platform allow the safe usage of complex and sensitive data for the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases.

Fremont, CA: "We know the challenges that security-conscious government organizations and highly regulated industries struggle with when using complex and sensitive data," comments Jon Matsuo, President, and CEO of Koverse. "We understand that often the most sensitive data is the most valuable, yet security and privacy create barriers to use. To that end, we created a platform that enables organizations to use data safely, with security top of mind, for critical mission agility." Koverse, an SAIC company, confirms the availability of Koverse Data Platform (KDP) 4.0, a security-first data platform. It introduces attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to enforce Zero Trust for data, enabling customers to safely work with complex and sensitive data to power the most demanding analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence use cases. KDP 4.0 delivers a highly adaptable, unified security architecture across data at the dataset and record level, boosting the value and use of all data inside an organization, even data with mixed sensitivity, by giving fine-grained management to assure permitted use.

KDP 4.0 enables Zero Trust for data management, ingesting, indexing, storing, and safeguarding all data from any source, including structured and unstructured, batch and continuously streaming, classified and unclassified data. KDP goes beyond conventional security techniques to Zero Trust for data by employing ABAC, which takes into consideration the unique qualities of each data element as well as the traits of each user to make a limitless number of complicated authorization decisions in real-time. As a result, organizations are moving their attention from making a single decision to enable users to enter the security perimeter to creating an environment where thousands of individual authorization decisions are made every second based on each person and each piece of data.

The ability to index, classify, and secure any data, even unstructured data, is a first in the market; other solutions lack the complexity and fine-grained authorization required for Zero Trust control of any data. With KDP 4.0, enterprises can connect their authentication system and establish the security attributes or use industry-specific security attributes. The platform's scalability with additional datasets and attribute labels ensures that performance does not degrade.