Klaytn - the Complete Blockchain Platform by Kakao is Ready for Deployment

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Klaytn, a business-oriented blockchain platform by Kakao is capable of facilitating a user-friendly blockchain experience for millions of clients and is invented for mass adoption.

Fremont, CA: From a technological viewpoint, complete adaptation onto the blockchain is yet to be achieved. There are several deterrents such as lack of adequate talent, insufficient scalability and abundance of technical issues on the way to total adoption.

Blockchains are most efficient when only lesser number of people are involved. In case of a mass integration, transitions are delayed and costs are higher than normal. Often, the result is that more users are restricted on the network.

Another immediate concern that the blockchain industry has to tackle is the inadequate user adoption. The blockchain sector now needs an all-inclusive solution.

Recently, an audit on smart contracts for Klaytn, created by GroundX, a Kakao subsidiary was carried out by Quantstamp, a blockchain security firm. Kakao is a leading South Korean internet enterprise.

Klaytn’s developers are confident that the former is capable of addressing all the issues involved in a complete blockchain adoption.

The Klaytn Approach

Klaytn comprises of a competent hybrid design that imparts the potential to combine the most desirable features of both private and public blockchains. Distributed governance, decentralized data and control are the best features associated with a public blockchain. When it comes to private, high scalability and low latency are the advantageous aspects.

For enterprises looking forward to leverage blockchain technology, Klaytn can serve as an integral and transparent platform of blockchain technology imparting the reliability and performance required for business applications.

For users, Klaytn would function as the platform to facilitate simplified account management and creation besides wallet provisioning/setup, private key safekeeping and UX guidelines for developers to develop easy-to-use interfaces.

Additionally, the unparalleled interoperability of Klaytn networks when integrated with legacy enterprise assets through enterprise proxy enables the platform to provide quick onramp for teams carrying out any intended integration of blockchain features to their offerings.

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