Key Cyber Security Measures for Every Budding Entrepreneur to Consider

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Cyber Security MeasuresThe advancement in technology not only enables faster and efficient business processes but also improves the quality of life. However, the increased connectivity has given rise to various security concerns. Businesses, in an attempt to make their operations more efficient, are upgrading their wireless infrastructure by adding more touch points. While multi-billion dollar companies and even medium-sized enterprises are capable of protecting their sensitive data, small-scale entrepreneurs owing to lack of adequate resources have higher vulnerability to security threats and data breaches.

In order to ensure data loss is minimal, the best practice would be to create a schedule to regularly back-up both company and personal files offline: using either backup drive or thumb drive. Secondly, checking bank/card statement frequently—every three days or at least a week—will assist in remaining alert. In case of an unauthorized transaction, the account holder can immediately inform the respective bank authorities and take suitable action against the cyber criminal.

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Further, it is advisable to have a transaction limit capped on credit/debit card to be on safer side. While setting simple passwords, such as date of birth or mobile phone number, increases the likelihood of data breach, passwords should be as complex as possible, but not too complex that it makes one difficult to remember it. An ideal and secure password encompasses a combination of alphanumeric and special characters.

Finally, for those having a hard time to protect confidential business data, they can hire a cybersecurity solutions provider that can help to effectively analyze, identify, and implement counter measures in the event of a data breach. Seeking cybersecurity expert’s assistance is imperative especially when the startup is in its expansion stage.

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