Key Advantages of Smart Smoke Detectors

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Innovative IoT smoke sensors have made it possible for firefighters to assess better the severity of a blaze and the best course of action to put it out.

FREMONT, CA: Each year, fires in the United States wreak over $10 billion in property damage and injure or kill thousands of people. This enormous problem can be mitigated by ensuring that houses are equipped with the greatest fire safety technologies and solutions.

Specifically, fires in commercial buildings can spread rapidly and inflict severe damage to the property and the occupants within minutes. So how can we ensure that the impact is limited? The answer is straightforward: early detection. This is essential for ensuring the safety of renters and minimizing fire-related property damage.

Technological advancements have allowed firefighters to combat flames more quickly throughout the last few decades. In the recent era of the Internet of Things, smart smoke detecting devices have significantly assisted firemen in determining the severity of a fire and the most effective course of action.

Smart exit signs with LoRa-enabled sensors that analyze the impact of the flames and help building occupants navigate difficult, hazardous zones in real-time by displaying the quickest and safest route out of the building are one example.

Conventional exit signs in normal buildings nowadays merely indicate the location of the closest exit, which could lead individuals into danger zones. On the other hand, smart exit signs communicate with the building's current fire alarm system and relay the safest direction to each smart exit sign. By facilitating people's decision-making and shortening the route to safety, intelligent exit signs dramatically improve the likelihood of survival.

By adopting a fire detection technology made of intelligent sensors, firefighters can detect heat, smoke, gas, or flames connected to fires early and conduct firefighting strategies and deploy personnel more quickly to either avoid or mitigate the fire's impact. Exit signs are required in every structure, and making them intelligent increases their potential to save lives.