Introduction to Cyberpreneurship

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cyberpreneurship, derived from cyber and entrepreneurship, is a new term in the digital landscape. Following this logic, cyberpreneurs are professionals who digitize access to their products and services by leveraging information technology. Digital enterprises thus conduct the entire transactions, from delivery of products to revenue generation; everything takes place on the digital domain.

What is the main reason for Cyberpreneurship to boom? It is because virtual businesses are stronger and efficient towards handling customer management and providing hassle-free service delivery. There is no doubt that because of these reasons Cyberpreneurship is reaching out to cover virtually every enterprise that exists on the internet today.

However, these developments are not only enhancing the digital ecosystem; it is also helping cybercriminals to use this digital medium to exploit the vulnerabilities in this growing online space.  

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Balancing is the Key

The digital landscape is full of productive innovations such as e-Commerce, email, and eBooks but it also has a malicious side to it which cannot be overlooked. By which it means that one cannot neglect the rising cases of cyber crimes, fraudulent activities, data theft, plagiarism, and other issues. Hence the adoption of robust cybersecurity measures has become necessary for virtual enterprises to survive in this highly competitive digital space.

Many SMEs and individual entrepreneurs are not successful in protecting their enterprises from digital threats due to various reasons. Lack of digital literacy and resources are among the significant reasons behind this. These entrepreneurs are more prone to be targeted by cyber-criminals as they do not have the right resources to protect or defend themselves. Employing no defensive strategies leaves the door open for malicious actors to continually attack them from ransomware attacks, intellectual property theft, and cryptojacking.

Cyberpreneurs can help in eliminating this issue in the virtual space. Freelancing or professional cyber security experts can leverage their skills and experience to offer customized digital security measures to virtual enterprises. Cyberpreneurs can help enterprises by providing them strategic digital defense at affordable rates rather than establishing IT security solution providers.

Cybersecurity is one such field wherein the cyber actors and security providers are engaged continuously in digital warfare which mainly affects the SMEs and individual entrepreneurs. But by implementing the right technology at the right time, enterprises can protect themselves from breaches.

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