Importance of Digital Forensics

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, January 13, 2022

As the number of digital crimes rises every day, digital forensics is becoming increasingly crucial in investigating technology-related crimes.

Fremont, CA: With the advancement of technology, an increase in cybercrime is unavoidable. People who use electronic gadgets leave different footprints, traces, and markings, just like they do in real life. File fragments, activity logs, timestamps, metadata, and other virtual or digital traces could be used. Digital forensics is a relatively young field of study that focuses on obtaining evidence from digital information. Digital evidence is analyzed, inspected, identified, and preserved by forensic teams to aid in the investigation of crimes involving technology.

Impacts of overlooking Digital Forensics

Continuous damage and access

Without digital forensics, organizations may have the risk of attackers lingering in their systems or having prolonged access to their data. anyone outside of the organization having access to an organization's data can have disastrous legal and economic implications. The most obvious factor is that these bad actors take sensitive information, which is classified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Loss of brand name and legal issues

Losing corporate information to thieves or attackers might result in a company losing its competitive advantage. If the data is sensitive information belonging to a third party, such as a client, it can also have legal ramifications. Any entity with access to this data has a legal and ethical obligation to protect it, and in most countries, they must notify it if the data is compromised.

Why is digital forensics important?

Digital forensics can help in determining what was hacked and determining whether the data was duplicated or spread. In order to harm their targets, some hackers may destroy data on purpose. In other circumstances, valuable data may be damaged mistakenly due to hacker intervention or the software used by the atttackers. Data can also be encrypted and kept as a hostage in exchange for ransom, rendering it of no use.

Although there is no surity, digital forensic experts may be able to retrieve the data that has been lost or damaged. Following the breach, cybercriminals can easily and rapidly sell or misuse the information. A digital forensics expert can easily discover what data has been exfiltrated from the network, making digital forensics a vital field. The likelihood of sensitive data being leaked can be determined using threat intelligence data from past cases.

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