Importance of AI-Powered Security Solutions

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Organizations use AI to automate repetitive tasks of security analysis to change their focus on more essential tasks. 

FREMONT, CA: Organizations can deploy AI-powered security solutions into their systems to guard against online and offline security problems. Though AI is an effective remedy to secure businesses from cyberattacks, it also allows attackers to launch complicated, automated attacks. Another perspective of AI security is the security of machine learning systems fueling firms' decision-making and autonomous systems. It has been proven that simple alterations in inputs can cause these systems to fail, allowing attackers another attack surface. Therefore, firms need to consider security when deploying AI solutions.

Enterprise leverage artificial intelligence to improve their security against cyberattacks like malware, phishing, network anomalies, unauthorized access of critical data. These tools leverage machine learning algorithms to learn from historical data and identify anomalies to allow organizations to avoid and manage cyberattacks effectively and efficiently. AI-powered deception technology assists delay and identify cyber attackers. With AI technology, firms have new operations like data ingestion, preparation and labeling, model training, inference validation, and production implementation. These operations are new layers added to the firm's tech processes required to be protected from adversarial attacks. In adversarial attacks, attackers change machine learning models' inputs to cause the model to make errors.

Since few deep learning systems are presently in production, adversarial attacks are still a theoretical threat. Once deep learning systems start making essential decisions, the importance of these threats will boost significantly. As an enterprise collects more data from several resources, potential points of cyberattack accelerate. According to a survey, 69 percent of enterprises believe AI is vital for cybersecurity due to the rising amount of threats that cybersecurity analysts can manage. Survey results show that 56 percent of the firms say their cybersecurity analysts are overwhelmed, and 23 percent cannot identify all breaches.

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