Implications of RTA for Contact Centers

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, December 20, 2018

The dynamic changes in business requirements have raised security concerns for enterprises across all industries. Contact centers are also vulnerable to security threats as most of the fraud incidents have at least one touch point with a contact center. The need to continually improve their operational efficiency is adding to their woes as it makes fraud detection more challenging.

An efficient contact center is critical to the success of many businesses. Identifying and authenticating a caller’s identity is the crucial challenge for contact centers. The traditional process of caller identification for contact centers is Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) that relies on shared questions and use of public or personal data. The KBA is a time-consuming process which is no longer an effective method to verify a customer’s identity.

Real Time Authentication (RTA) helps to overcome the challenges faced by the KBA process by providing an end-to-end authentication for businesses. RTA process uses Voice biometrics to provide a secure method of authentication for multiple channels like live agent calls, IVR, and Mobile. The advantages of real-time authentication are as follows:

Enhancing Security: Cybercriminals have started to use new and sophisticated techniques to steal a customer’s data from contact centers. Cybersecurity software cannot always provide security as fraudsters keep changing their ways. RTA helps to verify a caller’s identity within the first few seconds of a natural conversation by applying voice biometrics. RTA eliminates any impersonation attempt by the fraudsters reducing the account takeover incidents.

Productive Workforce: customer service representatives spend an average of one minute in authenticating a customer which can decrease an employee’s energy level and can irritate the customers also. RTA Helps a caller to work on other assignments without worrying about a customer’s identity authentication. This helps to increase the productivity of an employee.

Cost Reduction: Integrating RTA requires minimum efforts by the IT team. IT can be added on top of a business’s existing voice records to create consumer voice records. RTA helps to provide very high-security measures for IVR, which reduces call from live agents. 

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