Identity and Access Management in Cloud Environment

Enterprise Security Magazine | Sunday, November 28, 2021

IAM systems are essential in providing security in the cloud environment through elaborated mechanisms of authentication and authorization management.

FREMONT, CA: As enterprises increasingly store applications and data files that contain personal and confidential information in the cloud, they need to take all measures to secure cloud assets to prevent system breaches and data theft. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is considered the most effective ways to ensure cloud security. The features like multi-tenancy and the third-party managed infrastructure in the cloud necessitate identity and access management. Read on to know more.

Cloud computing is an instantly growing architecture that challenges enterprises with varying workloads, data sets, and user requirements to create vulnerabilities to several kinds of network attacks and privacy issues. With its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, cloud technology in the public sphere can create more hurdles. The public cloud provider makes a walled garden for their infrastructure, and the enterprise administrators provide the security to the data property within. In this, it is necessary to have IAM.

Cloud IAM tools allow security administrators to authorize who can access specific resources at specific times by giving the enterprise administrator full control and visibility to handle their cloud resources. In some cases, Cloud IAM can offer control for Software as a service (SaaS) based applications for even more management. With any Cloud IAM tool, enterprises will want it to provide a unified view into security policy across the organization and have built-in auditing to ease compliance processes.

By deploying Identity Access Management tools and following related best practices, a company can gain a competitive edge. IAM technologies enable the business to give users outside the organization, like customers, partners, contractors, and suppliers, access to its network across mobile applications, on-premise apps, and software-as-a-service apps without compromising security. This allows better collaboration, improved productivity, increased efficiency, and reduced operating costs. Privacy is considered a vital issue in the cloud environment protection and can be gained through Identity and Access Management, ensuring the highest level of data security.