Identity and Access Management as Portrayed by Game of Thrones

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, May 06, 2019

Recent private data breaches have revealed that protecting data isn't sufficient, privileged access management solutions and identity access management, as well as knowing where data resides have become essential.

Data Security in today’s time is nothing less than protecting Castle Black. With data residing in multiple locations, hence, much like the Lannister army, we need to ensure firewalls, and access controls protect that data and create multiple layers of security. Also, ensuring things that happen inside the castle is supportive of the business and does not put any personal, private or business critical or sensitive data at risk is as crucial.

Solutions utilizing analytics for behavioral monitoring and pattern recognition ensure better application of identity and access management solutions, which take care of threats arising from within. This, if deployed in the Jon Snow scenario could have predicted the mutiny and avoided the assassination of the King in the North in the first place.

The ability to apply adaptive authentication with real-time data analytics that crunch contextual data combined with biological recognition simultaneously is not a far-off future. This will optimize business decision-making processes.

So while protecting one’s data from all-engulfing dragon’s fire which can take down previously impenetrable firewalls remains essential, diligence against internal threats must be vital to keep the company efficient and productive.

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