Idaho SOS and PlexTrac in a Pact to Ensure Secure Elections in 2020

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, May 22, 2020

Dan DeCloss, CEO

Local cybersecurity startup, PlexTrac has taken the responsibility to assist SOS ensure election security and voter confidence for Idahoans

FREMONT, CA: The Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division and PlexTrac have struck a deal to assist in the smooth and secure election processes in the 2020 election season. Plextrac, a fast-growing, Boise-based cybersecurity company, will leverage its platform and services to help the government agency. The Idaho SOS cybersecurity team will utilize the PlexTrac platform, in a pact of collaboration to effectively conduct election processes across all countries, for reporting and tracking security-related issues.

With election security making national headlines, the Office of the Idaho Secretary of State acknowledges the importance of voter confidence and has chosen Plextrac as the right partners to help ensure it. Digital election security is more challenging than ever after a critical season during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic where election processes across the country must adapt to a rapidly transforming environment.

“We are confident in our choice to partner with PlexTrac for election security because of its comprehensive platform for connecting all our security experts across the state and because it is an up and coming Idaho company earning nationwide respect. PlexTrac will help the SOS Election Division achieve our priority of modernizing the security of the Idaho election system,” said Foster Cronyn, Deputy Secretary of State.

PlexTrac founder and CEO Dan DeCloss said, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with the SOS Elections Division in our home state. The initiative of the Idaho Secretary of State in adopting a proactive mindset for election security is impressive and forward thinking.”

PlexTrac, recognized as one of the Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers -2020 by the Enterprise Security magazine will use its platform for the SOS Elections Division, to provide unparalleled visibility over security assessments across all county election systems. The Office of the Secretary of State, headed by the Honorable Lawerence Denney, has the responsibility of overseeing Idaho business services, elections, and other government services.

The Elections Division works to provide the accuracy and integrity needed in Idaho’s elections. By regulating and modernizing the security and integrity of the Idaho election system, every voice is heard, and every vote counted accurately.

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