How Will Drones Impact Enterprise Security?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 22, 2019

Drone SecurityEnterprises are embracing drone advancements to protect themselves against potential threats, including theft while improving cost savings and ensuring a safer work environment.

FREMONT, CA: Drones are attracting all the sectors and are most preferred as they help mitigate risks, manage costs, and increase productivity. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles resemble the miniaturized version of helicopters. Miniaturization has made it possible for drones to be used in different applications. In this era, security is a top priority, where Microdrones play a significant role and are an excellent choice for security. Here are some cases where drones assisted enterprises in their security.

Measuring rock piles is one critical task to be carried out by concrete and aggregates company. It is difficult to physically measure rock piles of large dimensions as they cannot be climbed upon. They may possibly collapse upon and cascade down, including humans and large machinery. Rock piles are never uniform, and manual counting can lead to inaccurate results by thousands of tons and thousands of dollars. Drones made it possible, and the results were apparent, like immediate money savings and a safer work environment. These industrial drones powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning have significantly impacted construction, mining, and aggregates, as well as insurance claims.

An added advantage of employing drones is that they can withstand extreme climatic conditions and handle longer flight times. These drones will provide full-motion video and geospatial mapping when utilized in the area of active fire, where it can send real-time data to fire incident management teams. When the drones are equipped with infrared cameras and sensors, they can easily peer through smoke through the guidance provided for wind direction and other weather variables. They can even navigate through cramped spaces and canyons where helicopters cannot fly and glide low enough to capture high-resolution footage.

The industries whose products are prone to theft can be protected by employing drones. Enterprises can use them to protect the employees as well as their vehicles. In a nutshell, drones will allow businesses to improve their processes while being more efficient and deter thefts.

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