How Unified Threat Management System is Protecting the Business Network

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, September 28, 2020

The companies are applying the unified threat management system so that they can protect their business network from the cybercriminals. 

FREMONT, CA: The unified threat management systems or UTMs have become a backbone for the cybersecurity structures. Companies of every size are using UTM firewalls and threat management services to manage modern cyber threats effectively and efficiently.

What Is Unified Threat Management?

The companies applying unified threat management uses a combination of early detection systems like security information and event management (SIEM) system, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and many more. Many tools are used which actively monitor and fight against the threats in the business network.

Furthermore, the unified threat management system is a unique type of security threat management that accumulates every tool used for threat management into a single solution. Some of the examples of a unified solution are the UTM appliances, UTM firewall, and UTM networking security. The organizations applying UTM solutions have to deal with a single technology vendor for every requirement of threat management. Therefore, it helps to decrease the difficulties related to dealing with business network security and even saves time and effort of the management.

What is a Unified Threat Management Solution?

There are several types of UTM security vendors, and they might offer different things with their specific solutions. Here are some of the UTM security solutions.

UTM Devices

There are some UTM solutions that are hardware-based. It means the solution will include the co-located UTM devices or UTM applications that offer cybersecurity to the network. The hardware-based firewall can be an example of the UTM appliances if it comes with a wide range of other solutions and services.

UTM Firewall

A firewall is a primary component for any complete cybersecurity strategy as it helps to filter the unwanted traffic from the network. However, the UTM firewalls can be delivered in numerous processes, which also includes the on-premises and off-premises solutions with the help of firewall appliances or cloud-based firewalls.

UTM VPN Networking

The virtual private networks (VPN) helps the companies to anonymize and encrypt the network traffic. Therefore, it becomes difficult for cybercriminals to create issues in the system and use it against the organizations. Most of the time, the UTM networking solutions implement a VPN to make sure that the outgoing traffic is protected from hackers. 

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