How to Stop Cyberattacks from Affecting your Business?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, September 20, 2019

With the evolution of technology, cyber attackers have also evolved. The hackers have now become more polished and refined while committing such crimes. It is better if the user uses extra protection and is careful while installing or opening any external links.

FREMONT, CA: In today's world, technology has become a huge part of our lives, and with its benefits, has also come its issues, such as cybercrime. With the increasing number of technology and digital equipment, cyber attackers have also modernized themselves and started hacking more than ever before. The digital users must seriously start securing their online content and come up with ideas that will protect them against cyberattacks. Here are some of the steps that will help to stay secure online.

It is better not to take chances with passwords

Having a weak password is the easiest way of becoming a victim to cyber attacks.  It is not advisable to set weak passwords that can get easily hacked. It is better not to use the same password for every online account.

Change passwords at regular interval.

To set a robust password, deploy a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. It is recommended to employ Multi-Factor Authentication Practices. Sometimes a secure password is not enough to prevent cyberattacks for which a two-step procedure can be introduced with biometric recognition fingerprint scanners. The scanners can be easily installed in smartphones. There are also new models of mobile phones that already have fingerprint scanners installed in it.

Be Vigilant with Email

The most effective way for hackers is through email. The first step to use an email account securely is to make an account in a portal which approves spam and malware filters. Besides, the user must also be attentive about unknown persons sending mail and also while downloading unrecognized files as those may contain harmful viruses.

Do not Click on Unknown Links

Another way in which internet attacks can occur is through the links that hackers send from some unrecognized email addresses. An email user must be aware of the email address from their contact list, which also shows up with just a random link. The hackers can use the links to execute malware programs on the device that contains the data. 

Use Antivirus Software

Maximum people do not use antivirus programs, which protects the computer and mobile phones against malicious bugs. If the users are not willing to pay for an antivirus, they can easily use the free versions, as they also provide similar service. However, it is better to study the services offered by different antivirus software, and then use the best one. 

Keep Data Backup

It is common sense to keep a backup of every crucial data, and every email user must follow it. It is essential to back up the data at a regular interval either in the cloud or in an external hard drive. The backup data will keep the vital information secured during an event of a cyber attack. Following a data backup means the device will get cleaned regularly, which will make sure that the user does not get much affected in cyber attacks.

Use VPNs

The Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will allow a user to cover their exact IP address, which will prohibit the snoopers from locating an email address and getting access to valuable data. This is more important while a user is using an unsecured public network.

Do Not Leave the Accounts Open

One must not keep their accounts open for extended periods and also close all the background applications that are not in use. When an account is logged in for a more extended period, then anybody can use them for their malicious purpose. Also, closing all the background applications will increase the performance of the device. 

Regularly Clear the Browsing History and Cookies

Clearing the browsing history is also a logical step to prevent hackers from committing the crime. If the caches and cookies are not erased from the machine, the user is keeping a virtual trail all over the internet, which the cyber attackers can trace and hack into. 

If users start implementing the above mentioned techniques, they can easily avoid cyber attacks. Most of the users suffer from internet hacking due to negligence of practices and simple mistakes, which can be quickly taken care of. However, people must be aware that none of the applications can provide full-proof security when it is online, and hence they must be extremely careful. 

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