How to Prevent IoT Security Nightmares

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 09, 2019

IoTThe Internet of Things (IoT) has become the buzzword for businesses today to solve a gamut of problems. As IoT devices are growing in numbers so does the vulnerabilities and security risks associated with them. It is a challenge to protect business infrastructure from the security risks.

Today hackers are having larger attack surface, which is created by the vulnerabilities found in IoT devices. Devices like phones or routers may have software vulnerabilities. Relying on IoT vendors for device and data security is a folly. Agencies must be able to proactively identify any weakness that can affect the network.  Network assessment and threat identifications are necessary tasks to prevent IT security nightmare. As a part of threat prevention measures, network segmentation, and restricting guest access to networks should be exercised.

Network access control (NAC) solutions can mitigate security risks to a great extent. They authenticate network resources, notify network vulnerabilities, and grant network access after authentication. This prohibits devices under cyberattack from getting connected to the network.

Traditional security methods like anti-virus, firewalls, data loss prevention techniques are also effective when used appropriately, but they react only when the malicious attack launches, which is often too late. So organization must enforce endpoint securities. Endpoint security merges traditional security methods with artificial intelligence and machine learning utilizing the information gathered. This technique limits access to the network and keeps malicious actors at bay.

Organizations must utilize appropriate tools for executing tests to unearth the vulnerabilities. They can also create own standards to determine the necessary security requirements a device needs before it is connected to the network.

IoT devices promise a great future but it has its own inherent shortcomings, which can be overcome by implementing proper security defenses.

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