How to Improve Device Security for Remote Working?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, June 03, 2021

In the world operating mostly from home, the corporate and business sides are heading towards increased security.

FREMONT, CA: The world is rigorously affected by the COVID virus. Corporate organizations and many other businesses have chosen to work from home. Thanks to technology for making almost every operation possible with the help of technology. That’s the infrastructural and operational side of it. But what about the aspect of security? Well, technology has an answer for this as well.

One single, dynamic, and consolidated office ecosystem is now branched into multiple as the world is fully active : Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2019in the mode of work from home. This indeed raises challenges in the cybersecurity environment. Enterprise security teams have been exploring different ways to attain more intelligent methods to manage the security of the split operational infrastructure. The work ecosystem of an enterprise, when deployed in the homes of multiple employees, is highly vulnerable to a multitude of security threats. Contact tracing applications, payroll, and financial management software systems, and other valuable infrastructure and software entities are constantly threatened by attacks posed by the hackers, stealing of content, manipulation of records, accesses to confidential data by unauthorized players, privacy breaches, and more.

Most of the existing managed security services are integrating themselves with highly effective and intelligent features that open better opportunities to ensure complete security. Managed security solutions inspect the ecosystem of an enterprise thoroughly and look for malicious nodes, activities of an intruder, unauthorized accesses to confidential data, and other susceptible or unusual activities. Then, the features of the modern managed security guard the enterprise data against ransomware, phishing, and other cyber viruses and threats.

The latest use cases supported by the managed security services enable the highest level of security for work from home infrastructure. These use cases include strategies that extract and study the user’s personal data to track their acquaintances and calls. This is a more dynamic way of surveillance. With this, the integrity of enterprise data is preserved. 

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