How Small Businesses can Protect their Software Infrastructure

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, February 11, 2019

Encryption and Data Loss Protection (DLP) SolutionsIn this age, Data is becoming more valuable, and companies consider data as their vital asset. Cybersecurity and data encryption is mandatory for every company whether it is big or small. Proper regulations and privacy enforcing mechanisms should be administered, or there is a threat of falling behind the race.

Training Employees

Employees should participate in the business security plan, in this way the inward data breaches will not occur. It should contain cybersecurity practices that authorities expect employees to follow. Companies must include procedures for keeping the employee, vendor, and customer information safe. Employees must create strong, unique passwords for each account and have to follow necessary protocols in case of a breach. A two-step sign-in process adds another layer of security to accounts where employees will need access to another device or code to complete the sign-in process.

Update Computers

Companies should regularly update all their devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Updated operating systems and web browsers protect against the latest threats. The provider should automatically update cloud software. If employees use mobile devices for work, then a regular update of apps, including security apps is mandatory.


A company should have a backup of all their information at regular intervals. This will allow uninterrupted work even in case of data theft. Storing all the vital information in a secure location with proper encryption and passwords will protect the company from data theft.

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Limit Access

Unauthorized persons should not be given access to the company’s computers and accounts. Employees of different positions might have different levels of access to technology, and they shouldn’t share information about their account credentials. An accountant shouldn’t be allowed to share their business accounting software credentials with a salesperson of the same company.

Secure Your WiFi

An organization’s WiFi can be an easy way to access data. Separate WiFi for customers and employees will help prevent unwanted people from joining business WiFi and accessing files.

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