How Security Analytics promotes Cybersecurity

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, April 12, 2019

How Security Analytics promotes CybersecuritySecurity analytics emphasizes on exploring the various dimensions of internet security to develop proactive security features. It serves as a comprehensive approach, which helps in detective cybersecurity threats. Enterprises use security analytics capabilities to understand and choose the right set of strategies to unlock the essence of cybersecurity technology. By combining data management processes and threat detection methods, security analytics helps industries to tackle attacks, identify the suspicious attempts of the intruders, and crack the hackers’ tactics. By employing User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), security analytics classifies network and user-based threats and scrutinizes large quantities of data to detect anomalies. Here are the critical security analytics offerings, which help in strengthening the industrial data security system.  

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•  Vitalizing data management

Security analytics provide a platform for the companies to collect, analyze and understand the vast amount of generated network data. Aggregating data management functions such as secure internal and external data communications, centralized data view, and more, security analytics prevents unauthorized data accesses.    

•  Intelligent threat identification

Analyzing the business network of an enterprise along with the web configurations security analytics offers simple ways to detect malicious network devices. Extending services to the cloud, IAM, and external applications, security analytics improves web visibility, facilitating faster threat recognition. To add on, security analytics powers the IT security teams with advanced digital malware detection tools.       

•  Ensuring software compliance with machine learning

Using machine-level intelligent algorithms security analytics deploys AI-based cybersecurity strategies to automate important security processes. With compliance reporting routines, industries can accomplish software compliance essentially. Influencing cybersecurity, UEBA helps in studying the behavior of both hackers and malware.   

By adopting promising security analytics, organizations can achieve end-to-end cybersecurity. It is quintessential for the industries to learn about security analytics to add to their data security capabilities. 

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