How Microsegmentation Can Help Companies Implement IoT Security Better?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 13, 2019

IoT SecurityThe implementation of micro-segmentation as part of the IoT security technique could help companies obtain more granular network process access and also better insulation if the safety fault is exploited.

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) has given companies enormous benefits such as better production systems, enhanced service to customers, and more comprehensive visibility into the quality of corporate assets and finished goods. Nonetheless, in the long term, IoT security problems could be a cause of severe concerns regarding IoT security, and in some cases, they can be detrimental to going forward with the software. This is an immense issue for businesses. Only one potential solution can be found that can fix such challenges posed by IoT: micro-segmentation. According to professionals, micro-segmentation is a networking concept that can monitor IoT ecosystems.

By micro-segmentation, businesses can create safe areas in their data centers, as well as in cloud environments, so that workloads can be separated or managed separately. In IoT conditions, microsegmentation can give enterprises greater control over the expanding amount of lateral interaction that occurs among gadgets and the bypassing security tools that are perimeter-focused.

However, it might be too soon for the organizations to trust and utilize microsegmentation for IoT. Yet, the industry watchers have high hopes for it as it has the capability for IoT deployments that will assist organizations in adopting microsegmentation to accomplish more granular and less muddled protection than the standard firewalls can offer.

IoT presents new security threats

Security hazards of the IoT network may include all the hazards associated with the gadgets involved themselves, the IoT-supported product, and the systems that allow all the connections. 

The safety risks have also risen as the IoT structures have grown colossally. The security situation has now puzzled the same number of companies that do not know of the problems concerning their IoT devices and software or an internal merchant. As with business professionals, businesses have no concentrated obligations to cope with IoT's risks.

How microsegmentation assist IoT security?

Microsegmentation was designed in order to make network security more granular. Certain conventional technologies, such as firewalls of next-generation, VLAN, and access control lists (ACL), can offer some degree of network security and segmentation. But with micro-segmentation, different strategies are used to give better and more assurance against assaults. This can result in microsegmentation providing more fine-grained traffic segmentation than VLANs. The method may also stop hackers from accessing the networks as it has more power over traffic in the data center than devices such as firewalls.

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