How is Visibility Improving the Hybrid Cloud?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hybrid CloudFor the automation, a clean and contextualized data will be recognized and applied with more confidence as it will severely decrease disruption or dismiss it entirely.

FREMONT, CA: It will be advantageous to have hybrid and multi-cloud environments because with the mixture of legacy systems and new technologies, visibility gaps can be formed across an organization’s IT ecosystem, and it might lead to service disruption. With a massive quantity of sensitive workloads that arranges the well-being and security of the government and the citizens, taking any risk is undesirable. If any of the application goes down, numerous lives can also be at danger. For example, the organizations have to update every second about the employees stateside and abroad in case of any disaster or when the defense operations are carried out.

Companies should use modernized applications and approaches as it allows to conduct a more holistic operational picture and also ensures that it is always available dependable during important missions to lessen down the threats before it shows its impact. For example, in tax services sectors or the nation’s healthcare system, society must know every information about it, even if it is a small change. 

The agencies can ensure operational readiness if their approach is service-centric towards the IT operations, whether it is installed in the cloud or already performing in the hybrid environment.

Clean Data

The quality operational data is the base of effective management and cloud monitoring. The extreme quantity of data that is formed by the application can be boon or a curse for the federal IT operations. The data that is removed from multiple unrelated sources can generate a severe challenge to effective troubleshooting if they are not coordinated, de-duplicated, aligned, and standardized. A clean data lake can be a strategic asset for the IT operation team as it decreases the noise that is produced by employing different niche tools.


However, it is also not sufficient to just keep complete clean data as it must also offer comprehensive, fresh data context that will deliver insights, recommendations, and when warranted, even automated actions. In complicated applications, several elements of infrastructure and components have to work together to supply a single service. The modern tools can help out the federal IT teams to understand the distinction between regular occurrences and the ones that need instant attention to prioritize accordingly. 

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