How is Biometric Security Evolving?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The technology of biometrics is evolving so that it can provide rapid and better access to people.

FREMONT, CA: Biometric solutions assist in eliminating human errors and help to eradicate security breaches. The technology has the ability to read the physiological characteristics of crucial personnel through facial recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint reading, and many more. Such skills help the biometric security to reduce the necessities of fobs, swipe cards, and keys, especially the items that can be stolen, lost, or even borrowed by an unauthorized person.

The biometric security measures are also created for granting easy and rapid access to the people having its needs. 

The Evolution of the Biometric Technology 

However, in recent times biometric technology has seen an evolution in them along with fingerprint, iris recognition, and facial recognition. Here are some of the exciting access control trends that will witness a boost in the upcoming years.Top Access Control Solution Companies

AI and “Deep learning” Facial Recognition

Recently facial recognition has become extremely popular. Moreover, the people using smartphones are already familiar with the facial recognition technology as they might be using it every day. However, facial recognition technology is also witnessing a rapid evolution with the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

Several facial recognition tools are coming up, and they are also appealing to a wide range of industries as these new tools can be integrated with any virtually existing access control system. The machines also can read faces by using infrared lights, and it can be powered by sophisticated AI that has better speed, accuracy and is reliable.

Voice Recognition

Just like fingerprints, voice tones also differ from person to person. There is various voice recognizing systems that can allow access to a massive range of essential services by distinguishing the idiosyncrasies of voice and evaluating it with the sonic patterns that are kept on the file.

Since security and the non-security devices are connecting a wide range of opportunities are being created for sharing data and also gathering of intelligence among the machines.

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