How Innovative Tech Trends Enhance Cybersecurity Solutions

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cybersecurity SolutionsThreats to cybersecurity are not only growing, but they are also becoming more sophisticated. To counter these, advancing technologies offer the best tools.

FERMONT, CA: Cybersecurity teams are working to develop new approaches and solutions to address the issue of fraudulent activities that are on the rise. The current efforts in cybersecurity are mostly insufficient to stop hackers from attacking and in some cases, causing irreparable damage. As data security becomes more critical, it is becoming a necessity to protect companies from data loss and theft. Cybersecurity teams need to develop solutions that address attacks, mainly as data is distributed through multiple channels, including mobile devices and cloud. Recent trends and innovations in the domain of cybersecurity are as follows.

Identifying Potential Attacks with Behavioural Analytics

It has always been a challenge for organizations to detect the sign of nefarious activities. The cybersecurity software often points to security alerts, making security professionals even more comfortable. However, the development of advanced behavioral analytics enables firms to detect imminent signs of fraudulent behavior more accurately. Highly advanced analytics tools use bioprinting to test different aspects of workers, such as an employee's typing speed. It is possible to use such statistics to identify potential attacks.

ML for Analyzing Attack Patterns

ML has enormous potential to predict an impending cyber attack. Using insights gained from past data, ML algorithms analyze attack patterns. ML also allows for the analysis of existing security vulnerabilities using current algorithms. Based on the feedback, in the event of an attack, devices can be modified to improve security preparedness.

Decentralized Technology for Data Encryption

Blockchain technology is an inherently decentralized technology that can give distinct security advantages through its implementation. The blockchain's complex structure makes it a robust safety solution. Blockchain's ledger system allows encryption of identity and secure information exchange. Many healthcare companies are already trying to incorporate blockchain technology to secure the patient's data.

Organizations have recognized the potential impacts of cyberattacks and are working towards better security solutions. Technological innovations can help businesses in developing a robust security solution in this regard.

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