How Important are IAM Solutions for Enterprises?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

More and more enterprises are facing a high amount of threat as people are gaining access to networks and technologies day by day. Implementing the right identity and access management tool can help the enterprises to protect the data and keep it safe.

FREMONT, C: Identity and Access Management (IAM) represents a system of policies and solutions that are utilized to match the users and applications, having the most relevant access securely. Every enterprise requires recognizing the gaps that are related to tools and processes for crucial roles, access requirements for each kind of user, and the audit requirements as well since the security environment and solutions infrastructure have been developing. The following 3 A's are considered prime factors for maintaining security for the business.


Multi-factor adaptable authentication reduces the risks of single-factor methods and assists enterprises to adhere to the standards and regulations. The multi-factor additionally needs each user to carry unique credentials, eliminating the sharing of logins and passwords for enhanced security network access. The features are distributed to manage the users with the help of a directory service and comprise tools that are capable of:

• Taking care of individual identity and permissions by roles

• Managing credentials and multi-factor authentication

• Backing complex remote support by vendors

• Helping single sign-on across platforms 

• Safely operating, rotating, and inserting confidential credentialsTop Identity and Access Management Solution Companies in UK


The HD auditing tools help in tracking activities, which are not restricted to files transferred, services accessed, and commands entered. The enterprises can search for devices that provide:

• In-depth log files

• Audit monitoring for every user individually

• Tracking


Users need to have restricted access to specific commands and networks or subnetworks by minimum privilege, along with collaboration requirements. The access tools need to:

• Manage access throughout multiple operating systems and devices

• Allow collaboration and chat among other users

• Combine with CRM solutions

• Provide granular, directory-based access controls, as well as scheduling

• Offer granular command segregation and canned script and order

Businesses are facing the trouble of expensive and crippling data breaches, which can be avoided by adopting IAM tools that give a foundation for eliminating risks from employees, customers, as well as vendors.

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