How Helpful is Managed Security Services in Solving SMB Challenges?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, September 07, 2020

Years ago, securing enterprises was far more comfortable, the corporate firewall and end-to-end security tool could be trusted to protect data, but now it has become far more complicated.

FREMONT, CA: The present scenario of organizational security is high on threats. Organizations regularly face shifting threats. They have bigger attack surface and infrastructure complexity to address, with lesser experts to manage it. As far as SMB is concerned, the complexity problem is not much different than what is seen in the large enterprise; it is merely a matter of scale. Even Though there are thousands of vendors in the market, there are no end-to-end security solutions. Therefore, more SMBs are looking to managed security providers (MSSPs) to relieve the burden.

Top 10 Managed Security Service Companies - 2019Companies of all sizes are seeking better efficiencies and effectiveness. They are embracing new technologies to keep up with a change to stay competitive. Remote efficiency tools have tradeoffs, and they enable the employees to work in remote locations and stay connected while traveling, but they augment the risk as well as the burden of security management. The IT solution landscape has transformed to provide greater efficiency and effectiveness, and it also has become very complicated. A typical SMB might have hybrid wide-area networks (WANs), countless platforms, and DevOps environments and processes that might not be tightly integrated with the security functions.

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Organizations that do not require expertise or adequate staffing throughout their organizational security demands and managed security services (MSS) offer relief. These services enable SMBs to acquire the expertise in areas they might lack in, the workforce to address time-consuming tasks, and the ability to tap into cybersecurity professionals with experience throughout a multitude of environments.

If an organization is evaluating MSSPs, the baseline should be the one that offers preventative and detective safeguards, monitoring, vulnerability management, and analysis. To reduce the false positives and analyst workloads, look for advanced Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) capabilities. It can be a more cost-effective model to reach a better overall security posture than over-extend the existing IT resources or hire from a shrinking group of candidates.

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