How has IoT Developed as a Threat to Privacy and Security?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

IoT as a Threat to Privacy and Security?With cases of refrigerators leaking Gmail credentials and Barbie dolls getting easily hacked to spy on kids, the whole smart home revolution has become more bane than boon. The rising complexity in IoT has increased the chances of devices and systems becoming vulnerable to breakdowns. This has led to IoT becoming a great threat to both privacy and security of an individual. The lack of security has not only decreased our security, but it also has been used to create incredibly large DDOS attacks.

Consumer Reports recently uncovered that despite decades of reports about lack of proper privacy and security standards, most smart TVs are still defenseless. A study by Which? conducted in the UK analyzed 19 different smart gadgets and deduced that there was an astonishing amount of corporate surveillance of your home. For example, some applications request your location details even though it is not required. These details are then analyzed by companies who run in the background to gather information on the user.

Security analysts claim that these issues are not fixed because of the carefree attitude of buyers. The users of the IoT systems that have been used for a DDoS attack do not know the victims and therefore, they do not care. The sellers also do not care as long as they have buyers for their products.

These threats exist because while obsessing over latest gadgets with the best features at the cheapest rate, users fail to understand the importance of security. The present attitude among buyers and sellers alike that it is someone else’s problem is the root cause of threats. This lack of understanding of security undermines the efforts to create basic privacy and security standards in the IoT space.

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