How Fire Services Can Benefit from Mobile

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Smartphones provide the firefighters with a standard platform to introduce new applications and help the department secure and manage devices.

FREMONT, CA: When it comes to complicated issues like resources, staffing, and safety, fire chiefs can rely on mobile technology as a critical component of the solution. Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, when used effectively, can alter fire service communications, enhance safety, and allow agencies to accomplish more with less.

Mobile technology is far more than new communication tools. It is a sophisticated, adaptable computing platform that can replace specialized, limited-use equipment with widely available mobile computers with practically endless abilities. Fire chiefs who devote time to establishing and perfecting a mobile strategy can save their departments time, money, and even lives in the long run. They may start discovering best-in-class applications that can manage resource and financial challenges by optimizing their processes and enhancing communications at every level with a proactive approach.

Here are some examples of how fire departments can improve their efficiency and effectiveness by utilizing mobile technology.

Deliver better information

Fire departments can save response times and improve service delivery by combining communications on a single platform. Mobile computer-aided dispatch (CAD) apps have enhanced service delivery by giving critical data to first responders. The dispatcher's notes are given to first responders, and they may contain important information like the location of a patient or detailed information about risks on the site. Building schematics, essential infrastructure information, and hydrant layers can be delivered using CAD as part of the pre-incident planning process. When CAD is expanded to mobile devices, fire departments will provide firefighters more complete and accurate information on their phones.

Enhance firefighter training

Fire chiefs must deliver, monitor, and quantify training for their personnel. Even when the training includes videos and PowerPoint presentations, mobile devices with the correct software can allow firefighters to complete training anywhere. The same devices can be used to document training sessions quickly and easily.

Improve recruitment and retention

Chiefs of volunteer fire departments can use mobile technology to recruit and retain firefighting expertise, including supplying volunteers with department-owned phones. Many volunteers and would-be volunteers have cellphones, and they are more likely to volunteer for a fire department that embraces mobility. Demonstrating how the fire department uses mobile technology is a terrific approach to recruit digital-native millennials as new volunteers.

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