How E-Signature Help Companies Eliminate Paperwork

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The ability to sign documents electronically is not considered to be a fabrication anymore. The use of digital signatures throughout the world has grown at a rapid rate.

FREMONT, CA: The increasing use of digital signature and signature capture devices to eradicate fraud, encourage technological innovations, and enhanced data integrity, scalability, and reliability are the driving force behind the growth of the market. The Digital Signatures Market can be divided by End-user Industry, Deployment, Offering, and Geography. The days of completing paperwork only on the hard copy are gone, especially during tight deadlines. E-signatures can provide substantial efficiencies in helping businesses of any size by eliminating paperwork by automating document workflows throughout departments like logistics, HR, sales, and so on. By allowing the users to sign digitally from virtually anywhere, they get their documents signed in under 30 seconds by their customers, employees, and partners. Hence, it is not much to say that it is a time and cost-saving solution that enables one to close several contracts simultaneously, regardless of the device or its location.

Customer Expectation

The customers have high expectations from the digital platform these days for various reasons. Digital signatures have also been acknowledged as legally binding and court-admissible both, offering more substantial evidence and reducing the risk of legal disputes. Hence it is not a surprise that the companies throughout all the sectors are shifting from traditional paperwork to e-signing platforms. A number of major vendors are proactively concentrating on e-signature market study and development to better their products and meet the customers’ expectations.

High Security

The predominant concern on the use of e-signature in the business is the legality and security. As the occurrence of fraud and data breaches harass today’s digital business, the enterprises are looking to more advanced authentication and encryption options to validate the identity of the people taking part in a digital transaction. The top e-signature software solution vendors of today are providing high-grade security measures, like audit trail, password protected e-signing, and SOC 2 Type II certification, to make sure that an individual’s document is handled and stored carefully.

With the help of a proper digital signature provider, one gets complete control over the e-signature workflow and document tracking.

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