How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Benefit Enterprises?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Leveraging multi-factor authentication will rely on algorithms to determine user identity and detect fraudulent actions faced by enterprises.

FREMONT, CA: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) includes more than two methods of authentication for an individual user to be given access to a system. Using MFA is similar to using two-factor authentication (2FA). The main difference between them is that the 2FA can be delivered using only two steps. Whereas, MFA is involved in the delivery within one to more than one steps or methods.  

A key consideration in using an MFA solution is matching the use case with the appropriate technical solution, which can be deployed by the company's team effectively. For instance, using two key cards, a physical password generator, a finger-print scan wouldn't go well with Facebook as it would be too difficult and critical for users using the application daily. Here are some key considerations for deploying MFA that businesses need to think before engaging the services of MFA.

Time Costs

Critical security processes can increase the time spent accessing the system. Any solutions provider will be able to let the enterprises trial a solution that finds the right balance between security and usability. This is done by providing them with a deployment plan to ensure that it is adopted accurately.

Easy Use

If chosen correctly, the MFA process can help customers' access applications and data more safely. Diminishing the dependence on passwords only with the introduction of an additional authentication factor is a win-win for both the enterprise and the customer.


Choosing to use a thoughtful and fit-for-purpose MFA will undeniably enhance the levels of security. This can allow each of the protective factors to complement the other and also address physical, digital, and hybrid intrusion. They can also make it certain that there are enough obstacles in place to deter opportunistic intrusion and enforce the biggest standards of accuracy within the teams.

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