How Cloud-Based Solutions can Secure a Business

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The cloud-based solutions can benefit a company by operating more securely, but before choosing, they must evaluate every solution.

FREMONT, CA: For a company, one of the most significant decisions that they have to make is whether they must utilize on-premises business solutions or cloud-based solutions. Here are some of the more secured solutions that organizations can use if they are using cloud solutions.

Use Phone Systems

It will be advantageous for businesses who want to move their phone systems to the cloud. The benefits can start from improvised scalability to a simple setup. Even for the security, also cloud phone systems are a better solution for business as it supports continuity. Moreover, when harsh weather or any other issues affect the company headquarters, it can still operate its phone as long as it has internet access.

The cloud phone systems are also hosted in several areas, so if anything happens to one of the data centers, others can run it smoothly. The concept is also known as geographic redundancy, and it is one of the many benefits of cloud-based services.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Top Connected Security Solution CompaniesThe users have to manually update the local anti-virus software that is installed whenever they receive notifications about the latest versions. There are a few software that can update overnight. However, when the cloud providers discover about the dangers, practical business solutions get a real-time update in a minute.

Keep Hard Drive Backups

If a company wants to save itself from disasters like crashes and accidentally deleted files, then their best option is to use hard drive backups. A successful business solution always backs up their material with physical and cloud-based options. The already existing software in the cloud can provide better protection from issues like ransomware.

The cybercriminals who deal with ransomware take advantage of the vulnerabilities, therefore the companies must have a file backup, otherwise it will be a huge shortcoming for them. Furthermore, the businesses also must not presume that they are accustomed to every type of ransomware that might affect them.

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