How Can SIEM Defend Businesses from Cyber Threats?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 14, 2020

The unification of security event management (SEM) and security information management (SIM) technologies gives shape to the security information event manager (SIEM).

FREMONT, CA: Security information and event management (SIEM) technology is developing the way IT teams detect cyber threats, gather, and evaluate threat data and react to security incidents. In order to understand SIEM better, businesses need to know about the work of SIEM technology, along with its benefits. IT teams make use of the SEM technology to reassess logs and event data from the networks of the business, as well as from systems and other IT environments, to prepare for cyber threats accordingly. Most of the time, IT teams utilize SIM technology to report, as well as retrieve on log data.

IT teams leverage SIEM technology to gather log data that is generally generated by applications, networks, security devices, and other sources, across the infrastructure of the business. The teams can utilize this data to identify, categorize, and analyze security incidents. Ultimately, having the security insights in hand, IT teams can quickly alert business leaders regarding their security issues, produce compliance reports, and explore different ways to defend the business against cyber threats.

SIEM technologies help businesses to bring down the security breaches, as well as improve threat detection. Additionally, the SIEM tools offer compliance reporting, which is exceedingly helpful for companies that need to comply with data security mandates. Furthermore, the SIEM tools come equipped with compliance reporting abilities, making sure that the IT teams can utilize these tools to discover and encounter the security challenges before it leads to significant compliance violations.

Besides, SIEM tools lend a hand in escalating the incident response and remediation, as well. The devices are effortless to implement and can often be used in combination with the third-party security tools of the business. SIEM technology is built for businesses of every size and across every industry. The technology can help mid-sized retailer business to protect its crucial data against insider threats. On the other hand, it also helps to meet the industry mandates of an internationally recognized bank that needs a user-friendly compliance management tool. Nevertheless, SIEM tools can continuously be a part of helping the businesses to look after their Internet of Things (IoT) devices against cyberattacks, seek out cyber threats, and much more.

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