How Can Businesses Work With Platform Models?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, November 07, 2019

Platform ModelsInteractions between organizations are steered by early cyber pioneers with flexible and dynamic partnership and outsourcing, instead of ownership.

FREMONT, CA: In the world of artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, and ubiquitous connectivity, economists foresee the future of the organizations as a platform model, where they have shed their ownership to focus on the requirements. For a long time now, the cybersecurity industry has been struggling with the most brutal adopters of platform models, which are cybercrime networks.

The invention of highly capable and dynamic systems adopted by criminals to give malicious services that take advantage of the computer networks and lets in fraud has created an underground digital economy. Faster delivery growth, better capital return, and profit margins serve as central benefits of the digital networks to the cybercriminals.

Millions of online criminal platforms and crimeware service models have reproduced and brought an outburst of online crime with illegal markets as their backbone. Organizations are trying to match the highly efficient criminal models that are obliged to settle into a platform-based economy on their own. Criminal achievements and the innovative insights of criminal activities are the driving factors of technological prowess and development, causing the cybersecurity world to follow it technically. The businesses should come in more numbers and look at how their organization responds to the cybercriminals while responding to platform models within their industries.

Networks Reduce Costs and Releases Ownership:

The most notorious cybercriminals are the orchestrators of a vast network, which has a highly connected unlawful platform. The increase of software-as-service managed security services, and cloud-based security, apart from a complicated in-house security ability, have served as a few ways to fight the threats efficiently. The platform model continues to control with specific skills in short supply and the rise of a new, international, cyber gig economy.

Outcome-Based Platforms:

Cybercriminals plan to achieve an overall outcome and do not go around with a rigid plan for their accomplishments. When they have encounters with challenges heaped by the defenders, they adopt various ways to achieve their outcomes. Cybersecurity has an individual pace of doing things in a real-time cadence with just cause and effect. Criminal platforms allow consistent implementation and innovation to achieve a new foothold or benefit within a computer network.

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