How Can Businesses Add AI to Their Cyber Defense?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, April 23, 2021

How Can Businesses Add AI to Their Cyber Defense?Increasing the use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity will help firms reduce the risks associated with security threats.

FREMONT, CA: AI technology offers people speech recognition technology, search engine, and facial recognition software. Some credit card organizations are now using AI to help financial institutions prevent billions of dollars in fraud annually. But what about its uses in cybersecurity? Read on to know more.

How Can Businesses Add AI to Their Cyber Defense? AI in cybersecurity is beneficial because it enhances how security experts analyze, study, and understand cybercrime. It improves the cybersecurity technologies that firms use to combat cybercriminals and help organizations and customers be safe. AI can be resource-intensive. It is not practical in all applications, but it also can serve as a new weapon in the arsenal of cybercriminals who leverage the technology to hone and enhance their cyberattacks. Artificial intelligence is an evolving area of interest and investment within the cybersecurity community.

Many modern businesses have multiple protection levels in place, including perimeter, network, endpoint, application, and data security means. They may have hardware or software firewalls and network security solutions that track and decide which network connections are enabled and block others. If hackers break these defenses, then they’ll be up against the antivirus and anti-malware solutions. Then perhaps they may face intrusion detection and prevention solutions.

Building cybersecurity defenses with AI is essential for organizations. This is partly because the executives from cybersecurity, IT information security, and IT operations believe that an AI-powered response is needed. After all, hackers are already leveraging the technology to perform cyberattacks. Artificial intelligence can help broaden the horizons of existing cybersecurity offerings and pave the way to generate new ones. As networks become larger and more complicated, artificial intelligence can be a significant boon to the organization’s cyber protections.

Effectively combining artificial intelligence technology into the existing cybersecurity systems isn’t something that can be done easily. It takes planning, training, and preparation to ensure that the systems and employees can use it to its full benefit.

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